Just besides the Technical University of Barcelona, BCN3D was founded as one of their projects. Their goal was clear: change the way the world is made. By offering a special and unique way to manufacturing digitally, BCN3D tries to train tomorrow’s professionals. And with their fully open source system, they allow you to tweak, change and experiment continuously.
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Country: Spain
Products: FDM printers

FDM printers


The BCN3D Sigmax is a professional FFF 3D printer, which combines a large build volume with the unique Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system. This all make the Sigmax a well-suited alternative for big, complex prints.

Sigma R17

BCN3D has optimized the Sigma R17. According to 3D Hubs, this highly rated workhorse combines reliability and quality. New is the renewed LCD-screen, improved stepper drivers and new axial fans.