CraftUnique is the Hungarian producer of the CraftBot 3D printers. This multi-award-winning company, founded in 2014, raised funding’s via Indiegogo to start producing their first CraftBot desktop printer. Nowadays, CraftUnique has a European and US based warehouse to optimize shipment and production all over the world. Their obsession with customers’ feedback, to constantly improve the products, leads to continuous innovations.
Multi-award winning European Made Focus on innovation Full integrated software service 5 Years warranty promise
Country: Hungary
Products: FFF printers, 3D printer spare parts

FFF printers

CraftBot Plus

This multi-award-winning 3D printer was updated with a glass build plate, an all-metal hotend and the possibility to add on the filament monitoring system. These features allow us to say that the CraftBot Plus is one of the most trustworthy single extrusion 3D printers on the market at this moment.

CraftBot Flow

The CraftBot Flow, a single nozzle 3D printer, is a compact workhorse that combines a large printing area with a great variety of printing materials.

3D printer spare parts

Spare parts are another essential part of our service. We keep the majority of spare parts of CraftUnique in stock, to make sure our partners and our Service Center can offer a fast service and support. By keeping our stock efficient, you can always count on us. But what spare parts are there? Every single part of your 3D-printer is available for purchase individually. Over 150 different spare parts for the CraftBot 3D printers are ready for you. Among these spare parts you can find:

  • nozzles
  • bearings
  • adapters and power supply
  • hot-ends
  • cables & rods
  • fan sets
  • ...
If you have further questions about which spare parts to use, please contact Distrinova Service Center.