3D printers

With two big printing technologies and 5 big brands of 3D printers, our range of products is diverse, high qualitative and balanced. For every type of question, the printers in our range can offer a perfect solution.

FDM printers

FDM, or Fused Deposition Modelling, is the technique where the plastic filament is melted, and placed back layer by layer. In the field of desktop 3D printing, the majority of brands work with this FDM technique.

FDM 3D printers are most commonly used for printing functional prototypes and low amounts of end-parts that require personalisation, quality and the same fysical requirements as molded plastic parts. Looking at the FDM 3D printers in our range, high quality models can be printed, with our without soluble support.

Great variety of machines and materials Multimaterial or multicolor prints possible No post-processing required Plug-and-play solutions

Our brands of FDM printers

SLA printers

The technique of SLA 3D printing is different. SLA stands for Stereolithographic Apparatus. With this technique, a resin is being hardened by a laser into the right form. Due to the high quality of the laser, SLA 3D printing allows you to print models with fine details and high quality.

High detailed prints Solid and durable materials No waste of materials Varied choice of materials

Our brands of SLA printers