Polymaker, a Chinese - American manufacturer, is committed to create and produce safe and clean materials for the 3D printing industry. They aim not to adhere current standards, but to increase them continuously by offering quality and sustainability in all their products.
Eight step control process Innovative properties Growing portfolio
Country: USA, China
Products: 3D printer accessories, Filament
Website: http://www.polymaker.com/

3D printer accessories


The Polymaker PolyBox is the tool you need to store your materials in the most optimal environment. The PolyBox can house 2 different spools of 1 kg filaments simultaneously, or one spool of 3 kg. The diameter size of the filaments does not matter.


The Polymaker Polysher is a specially designed machine to optimize your PolySmooth 3D prints. This easy to use machine uses an alcohol mist to post process your prints. After this process, your 3D print has a smooth, clean top layer.